The decision whether to spend hours making an interactive calendar for each of your classes or to go to the cafeteria to socialize can be a difficult challenge for College Students. On one hand, we all wants to succeed, but on the other meeting new people is important too. The influx of new opportunities and responsibilities that overwhelm every student from incoming freshman to graduate students can limit one’s potential to live a fulfilling lifestyle.┬áPlanU understands the difficulties that can occur when living immersed in the College Lifestyle. Our goal is to nudge the process along with ease. Here at PlanU we want to help U plan your life. Our interactive calendar derived directly from your syllabi will provide daily updates and announcements essential to class progression. All our customers need to do is look at their phone to see their days opportunities, and in turn act on them. Interactive calendars have been used as an organizational tool for years, but all have been limited by the difficulty of developing them. PlanU brings the product to you with unparalleled simplicity. So #HelpUsHelpU and sign up to learn more today!